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"In the WSTB community, memes are the currency and wealth is measured in laughs per minute and gains per trade."

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We built the vault of memes that refreshes itself every time someone says 'this is the peak of crypto'—it's now infinitely expanding.

Innovation that flows

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Phase 1: Foundation and Community Building

  • Launch: Official release of the WSTB token, accompanied by a comprehensive whitepaper detailing the project's vision, tokenomics, and future roadmap.
  • Community Engagement: Establish a vibrant community across social media platforms. Initiatives might include meme contests, AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with the development team, and partnerships with influencers within the cryptocurrency space.

Phase 2: Expansion and Utility Enhancement

  • Platform Development: Start development on a decentralized platform that leverages WSTB for transactions, governance, and incentivization, such as a decentralized exchange (DEX) or a meme marketplace.

Phase 3: Innovation

Expanding innovation through the development of decentralized applications (DApps) offers a transformative pathway for the WSTB project. This strategic move not only broadens the utility of WSTB but also significantly enhances its value proposition to users and investors alike.

HODL the happiness

"HODL the happiness, even when your portfolio does somersaults; it's all part of the crypto rollercoaster ride."

You Hodl so we innvote & enjoy dapps together.

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